Apple iPhone 6 Plus: Working of Flagship


Apple the most profitable brand through the year 2014 in Smartphones. And this all happened in the last quarter of 2014. The reason is very simple as the launch of new generation iPhone. Also, the new generation iPhone 6 was not alone launched, the big brother iPhone 6 Plus appeared for very first time.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Apple iPhone 6 Plus is powered with the increased screen size, up to 5.5 inches and the new iOS can display a row of icons on screen, up to 28, while maintaining the option to continue showing the 24 traditional icons divided into 5 rows by ‘option View Zoom ‘that enlarges the size of the icons. The result may be useful for people with visual impairments, but not end to convince. In addition, to facilitate access without forcing the thumb or hand move has enabled a new feature called ‘ Reachability’ that by tapping, twice in a row to the start button, and does nothing but lower four rows of icons hiding upper two in the lower area.

In principle seems most useful, especially if you need to use the terminal with one hand. A side effect of the change resolution on the screens of the new iPhone, is the adaptation period in the applications that will be occurring gradually over the coming weeks. It is not something new, as we go through the same process when the iPhone 5 was released. For the iPhone 6 Plus the effect is even more unpleasant, although we have seen many apps updated in the last two weeks, and hope that the missing put the batteries soon. The other unique feature of the iPhone 6 Plus that we can use it in landscape mode, as we would with an iPad. At first we were not convinced this option, but we have to admit that every time we use it more so, especially in certain apps that are already adapted to it.

The last notable new feature is the inclusion of NFC, but only serve to Apple Pay, a payment service that is only available in the US and no release date in any other country, so we will not dwell on it. Apple is putting this feature in every new releasing Apple gadget and soon it would appear in the iPad Air 3 too.

For the camera set in the iPhone 6 Plus we have an 8-megapixel iSight. In principle, the same camera and sensor present in previous models, if we look only at the megapixels, which is a mistake. It is a mistake because although the resolution is maintained, we have what Apple calls “Focus Pixels”, i.e., a different way of managing the autofocus. Now, rather than by contrast, new iPhone does the auto-focus by detection phases.

This got to send more information to software that manages the camera, and is able to focus faster, improved autofocus, which already has always been one of the great strengths of smartphones Apple from competition.


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