Apple iOS 9 Is Out As An Update


Apple iOS 9 Is Out As An Update

Apple has finally released its mobile OS , Apple iOS 9 for the pubic as said in the event and it will be available for iPads and iPhones ( as well as iPods )as free updated for them.  This software update is expected to improve battery performance and user interactivity . Multitasking is one of the key feature of this iOS 9. Along with multitasking features , Apple has made huge efforts to make the Map work and look even better.

iOS 9 Update
iOS 9 Update

Apple iOS 9 is built with the same look and feel of iOS 7 . User generally complained about the iOS 8 , mostly with battery drainage issue which is as per Apple addressed in the iOS 9 . Some features like the swipe between the application is also one of the cool features added in this , where the user can touch the edge of the display and then swipe between the application.

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Which devices iOS 9 will support ?

Apple iOS 9 will be a free upgrade for those Apple devices which are running on iOS 8 and above . That means those devices which run on older versions of iOS will not be supported and it is time for those users to change their smartphones. Here is a list of Apple devices which will be support iOS 9:

iOS 9 update will be available for the following iPad devices :

  1. iPad Mini
  2. iPad Mini 2
  3. iPad Mini 3
  4. iPad 2
  5. iPad 3
  6. iPad 4
  7. iPad Air
  8. iPad Air 2

iOS 9 update will be available for the following iPhones:

  1. iPhone 4S
  2. iPhone 5
  3. iPhone 5C
  4. iPhone 5S
  5. iPhone 6
  6. iPhone 6 Plus

iOS 9 update will also hit iPod Touch 5 . Rest iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S will ship in with pre-installed iOS 9 onboard. This list mean iPhone 4 is now officially dead for Apple ,and no further updates will be provided for that phone.

Well have also downloaded iOS 9 for iPad 4 and iPhone 5S and would inform you how this OS performs on these two devices . Till then stay tune to


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