Google’s Android Silver: Everything You Need to Know


Google’s Android Silver: Everything You Need to Know [Rumor]

Well a few days back a rumor spread around the world that Google might be canning its Nexus series and would be coming up with a new series called the “Android Silver”. Well we all know how well the Nexus series has performed in the past and with this news that Nexus 5 might be the last in the Nexus Model sounds disappointing.  You might have seen the rumors of the Google Nexus 6 on our site which might turn out to be complete hoax.  Even though this might be a possibility nothing can be said for sure.

Android Silver is expected to be high end Smartphone’s from Google which will be competing against the Giants like Samsung’s Galaxy S6, Sony Xperia Z3 or Z4, HTC One M8 or the upcoming M9, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 or Note 5 and many more. There are chances that the Nexus 10.2 or Nexus 8 might be the last tablets in the Nexus series as well.

If at all android silver is launching the strategy from Google is very clear, ”To Emerge as the best Smartphone Brand”. According to sources it is believed that Google might be launching this program soon and would be released in the market by the first quarter of 2015. It is also believed that the phones will be manufactured by LG as it has been manufacturing the Nexus Series (Nexus 4 and Nexus 5) and is quite accustomed to Google’s requirements. Since Google sold Motorola to Lenovo, it is believed that it will be nowhere in the scenario of manufacturing this Smartphone.

It is been even rumored that the software in the Android Silver will not be customizable or will have very little flexibility even though it will be based on Android . It seems contrary to what Android is usually famous for. This might be Google’s answer to the Flagship killer One Plus One which was recently revealed. Google has been best in what it does , even though there is no confirmation about the Android Silver from Google there are several possibilities that can be derived.

Android Silver
Android Silver

Is Android Silver Actually a Phone??

Well since the name is suggested be Android Silver, we can’t actually be sure that Android Silver is actually a phone. There is a possibility that Android Silver can turn out to be the next Android software after the Android 4.4.2 KitKat . Since there are also rumors that the software wont be that customizable or flexible, which supports the evidence that it might be a software.

Is Android Silver a Watch?

With name such as Android “Silver”and the software not such customizable suggest some possibilities that it might be a watch . Recently there was a news that Google might be planning to produce Smart watches  well Android Silver could be one of them.

Since there is no official confirmation about what Android Silver actually is rumors might be generated everyday . As soon as there is any official news about the Android Silver we will update this post.Till then enjoy reading our other post in

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