Acer Predator 6. Deca-Core Phone


Acer Predator 6

Acer has gone full force at IFA this year with its new gaming phone Acer Predator 6 which has a massive Deca(10)-core processor designed for gaiming. It looks like the company’s new gaming tablet launched few months back. Acer Predator 6 runs on Android with some flagship specifications.

Acer Predator 6’s Design

The phone has black and red styling with four front-facing speakers. It has a 6-inch full HD display. The details are very thin at the moment as Acer is not talking about this phone in the open.

Predator 6

Acer Predator 6

Acer Predator 6’s Camera

Predator 6 has a 21 mega-pixel camera at the back. Details about the front camera have not yet been specified.

Acer Predator 6’s Performance

This is the part which is making all the news, Acer Predator 6 has a deca-core MediaTek Processor (Helio X20 likely) and has a 4GB RAM.

It offers a dual haptic feedback for rumble that would allow users to handle it just like gaming controller. The four front speakers will enhance gaming without using the earphones.

Acer Predator 6’s Price and Release Date have not been released yet. The availability of games for the phone have not been revealed either.

The phones body looks similar to the gaming tablet released before called the Predator 8.



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